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I will put quotes in this section, whether written by me or others. Quotes, I write in my blog posts. I will put friends, family, or my own quotes in this section. My heart bleeds Monterey Jack cheese, so expect my quotes to be cheesy sometimes! If you have a good quote that you believe belongs in the quotes section you can either email me at blogjust.be.you@gmail.com.


Driving? Flying? And Boat Riding?

Black? White? Even Mexican?

Poor? Rich? Maybe Mediocre?

God? Science? Or Tha Buddha?

Straight? Bi? Or Gay?



and more Stories.



and Choices.

Different Backgrounds, Journeys, and Upbringings.

We all believe and feel, see, and sense different things. 

In many ways, we grow

To Love; Maybe Hate

To Drive; It’s scary 

To Fly; The Shakiness

To Boat; Bad and Dangerous

The Black; Fight

The White; Riot

The Mexican; Clash

We should learn to love.

They are Different.

So am I.

So are You.

What this world needs. 



It is up to you to show love. 

To Your Neighbors, Friends, and Foes

Even when you don’t get it back.




-Bradon Upshaw

Whale Why?!?

I tried to run fast 

Now that’s all passed

It’s dark and empty in here

Wait, Is that the ear?

Oh Whale

This mustn’t be swell

It stinks, it leaks, and it reeks

It freaks me out 

Oh why does He seek me out

They’re mean people

Oh they’re so evil

No! No mercy!

They are way too dirty

Why do you save the bad?

And not spare the Good?

Why love those that hate You?

I understand now…

Even though they know not

You still love them 

Just as You love me

-Bradon Upshaw

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