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Prayers for Yemen

This is a page where you can pray for the country, people, families, Global/Mission workers, religious persecution, etc. etc. in Yemen. If you have a prayer, please write it in the comments below. Be mindful to not post names, specific locations, ministry names, or any details that may put families, and organizations in danger.

My prayer for Yemen

I pray for the country of Yemen. I pray for the people in this country. I pray that they have peace. I pray that the people in this country have visions and dreams like Paul did on the road to Damascus. I pray for the leaders of this country. I pray that they have dreams and visions as well that change their entire worldview. I pray for the people that are missed in this country. The people that are just walked by and walked over. I pray for the widows and the orphans in this country. I pray for the things they have seen that they have to live with. I pray for the believers in this country to stand up and share the Truth and love on the people as they should. I pray for peace, stability and revitalization of Yemen. I pray for God’s mercy, comfort and provision for the hungry, sick, poor, and exploited. I pray for every mini to have the opportunity to hear the Hope that we have. I pray for the Arabs and Somali people in this country. I pray for the 99.7% unreached people groups in this country. I pray that this number is diminished to 0% and that this country becomes a light and a beacon to surrounding countries.

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