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Prayers for Jordan

This is a page where you can pray for the country, people, families, Global/Mission workers, religious persecution, etc. etc. in Jordan. If you have a prayer, please write it in the comments below. Be mindful to not post names, specific locations, ministry names, or any details that may put families, and organizations in danger.

My prayer for Jordan

I pray for the country of Jordan. I pray that their eyes may be open and they may see The Truth. I pray that they seek their Creator. I pray that they break off any bonds of religion that they are stuck with. I pray that they have dreams and visions much like Paul. I pray that religious freedom remains in the country of Jordan despite the many calls to suppress it. I pray for the many refugees who have come into the country of Jordan to hear the True Gospel and accept it. I pray that Christianity continue to be respected by Jordanians, so more people may hear both from Jordan, and from surrounding Middle Eastern countries. I pray for open ears, hearts, and minds to receive the Gospel. I pray for the Arabs from the many different Middle Eastern countries that reside in Jordan. I pray that the 93.2% unreached people groups be reached for The Gospel.

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