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Prayers for Iraq

This is a page where you can pray for the country, people, families, Global/Mission workers, religious persecution, etc. etc. in Iraq. If you have a prayer, please write it in the comments below. Be mindful to not post names, specific locations, ministry names, or any details that may put families, and organizations in danger.

My prayer for Iraq

I pray for the people of Iraq to experience peace. I pray for them to have dreams and visions. I pray for them to be open to the interpretation of those dreams and visions. I pray that people may be able to help them understand the meaning of their dreams. I pray for the many evils going on to cease. I pray that the generations who have had to fear for their lives may be able to have rest in the Only One Who can give it. I pray that hard hearts are softened to be open for only Message that can truly save. I pray for the divisions in the country to be brought down. I pray for the rivalries to be broken and for them to have peace between each other. I pray that people be ready to hear The Truth. I pray that Workers can enter into the country to bring much needed relief. I pray that stories and testimonies are shared that change lives. I pray that different religious bondages be broken. I pray that Brothers and Sisters grow in faith and courage to stand firm in their beliefs. I pray that persecution doesn’t drive them away, but instead brings them closer. I pray that any fear may subside so that His Will may be accomplished. I pray for the Arabs, Kurds, and Azerbaijanis in Iraq. I pray for that 98% unreached people groups may be reached.

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