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Prayers for Antigua and Barbuda

This is a page where you can pray for the country, people, families, Global/Mission workers, religious persecution, etc. etc. in Antigua and Barbuda. If you have a prayer, please write it in the comments below. Be mindful not to post names, specific locations, ministry names, or any details that may put families and organizations in danger.

My prayer for Antigua and Barbuda

I pray for Antigua and Barbuda. I pray for the people in this country. I pray that they will search for the most they can from The Lord. I pray that they will seek The Lord. I pray that any Christians who have grown complacent will be mobilized to love the victims of substance abuse in their communities. I pray that substance abusers will turn from their ways and live on the Only Person that can actually help them. I pray that people will have dreams and visions of Jesus and that they would turn from their life of complacency. I pray that there will be Godly wisdom come upon the leaders so they can seek solutions to the money-laundering issues. I pray for the leaders of Antigua and Barbuda to call on The Lord to seek His Will in this country. I pray for the two Christian radio stations to be able to edify the believers and evangelize to the unreached. I pray that people will tune in, whether on purpose or on accident, and that they would be hooked to the message being shared. I pray for the Antiguans, Americans, and British people in this country. I pray for the 100% reached people group. That the people who have heard might think again on their decision to follow other gods.

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