Prayers for Andorra

This is a page where you can pray for the country, people, families, Global/Mission workers, religious persecution, etc. etc. in Andorra. If you have a prayer, please write it in the comments below. Be mindful not to post names, specific locations, ministry names, or any details that may put families and organizations in danger.

My prayer for Andorra

I pray for the country of Andorra. I pray that the Power of the Holy Spirit will be plainly seen by the people who are turning to mediums for answers. I pray for the Andorran believers to be zealous in sharing their faith with nominal Catholics. I pray that people who are culturally Catholic or Orthodox in Andorra to leave the spirit of religion that is holding them back from a true relationship with Jesus. I pray that the many tourists who go to Andorra can find contentment in Christ, Their Savior. I pray for the Spanish, Catalonian, Portuguese, French, and British people in Andorra. I pray for the 1.4% unreached people groups. I pray that they are reached and learn about a Love that surpasses all understanding. 

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