November 26, 2020

Not Last Thursday!

“I was born on a Thursday, but not last Thursday.”

This Blog is being published a little late. Happy Thanksgiving, since I am now publishing it on Thanksgiving morning. Lori’s birthday was yesterday, and here is my post for my best friend. I love you Lori D.

I am not a big believer in making a huge deal on people’s birthdays after they have already gone on to heaven. I know that might sound a little cold, but I believe they are already having the time of their (eternal) life while they are in heaven. I don’t believe they would want us feeling bad here because we are throwing a party for them. Now to each his own. If it is your thing to do, and it helps you, please don’t let that stop you. I am just giving my opinion on the topic. 

Now this is me telling my little blurb, despite what I previously said, because she deserves a blog post. We released balloons for her for her birthday today, and I pray it helped people to feel better to celebrate for her. 

She was a beautiful soul, who loved and cared for everyone. She has changed my life more than anyone will ever know. She helped me to become the man I am today. She is the reason that I want to be a missionary. She showed me the love of God throughout my entire life. She would always tell everyone that she was the lucky one to have an intern, but that was a lie; I was the lucky one. She helped me by reading through leadership books, taking me to leadership meetings, and pushing me to be the man God made me to be.

She taught me something that I have used throughout my life and will continue to use furthermore. She taught me that, while Jesus told Peter to step out of the boat on to the water, sometimes God calls us to jump out the boat. This all to mean we can’t be afraid to follow God even past the point of our own comfort zone. I know that when I follow God and want His will, I will always have a future, even when I am afraid.

I miss her every day, but I am beyond glad she is no longer in pain, and she doesn’t have to deal with this crazy world anymore. I am more happy that she gets to spend forever with a loving God. She was one of the strongest warriors I know. She was the absolute definition of what Paul said when he said, “Imitate me as I imitate Christ.”

Whether she was imitating Christ through dressing up in her plethora of costumes that she always enjoyed to be in. I once asked her how she didn’t get embarrassed by dressing up like the ghostbusters, or Daphne from Scooby-Doo. She said if it is to make the kids smile, even a little, it is all worth it. She didn’t care if she looked a little different, just if people were happy.

She loved her Texas Tech, and she was a season-pass holder. She went to as many games as she could. Even though she didn’t graduate from Tech with a degree, she loved all two years of her tech adventures and always supported them through thick and thin.

She took us to the coolest church camps. Whether driving through three states to getting to Orange Beach, Alabama for Horizon Camp at the Beach, and stopping to see the duck commander store, and get snow cones from John Luke. Or if it was to Lake Brownwood to go to Horizon Camp and spending time with our wonderful youth group.

Or when Lori had the bright idea to have “Lumber Jack Night” just as an excuse to have “Flapjacks.” Better known as pancakes, which Lori never cooked before. Luckily, I had made pancakes before, so I got to teach her something when she was normally the one doing the teaching. I know this is a short video but her face says it all she was always so excited to learn something new.

This is a short video from our awesome mystery trips. This in particular one is one of our many trips to Six Flags, which I had never been to Six Flags until she took us. Then suddenly I have been to Six Flags 5 or 6 Times.

That lady sure loved her some “Potato Chip.” Just if you have never heard “Potato Chip.” It goes “Potato chip Potato chip crunchy crunchy I love Jesus a bunchy bunchy. I once knew a man/woman who walked like this. But then they met Jesus and walked like this.” The first walk by they walk all mopey and sad, and then after they meet Jesus they get all joyous. Lori was the lady who walked all joyous throughout her everyday life because she knew the love of Jesus and wanted to spread it throughout the world.

This is part of the video we made for the youth when we first had to shut down the youth Wednesday night meetings because of Covid. Here she is happy and smiling, just as always trying to show her youth that she loved them and cared about them. I’m sorry for this extremely long post, but if you made it to the end, then I hope you see the love of Christ through her through this short remembrance on her Godly life.

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