August 13, 2020

My Town… My People


This is it.

20 years old.

7 months till I’m 21.

(March 22, if anyone wants to get me a birthday present (: )

I’m finally leaving the house today.

I’m moving to my dorm.

20 years in a city. You get a little attached.

I have my problems with some things here, just like any other person, but it’s been good to me.

Was it perfect?

No of course not, but it was loving.

I am Bradon Upshaw.

I am myself.

I am who I am because this beautiful small town made me this way.

Mr. Merrell (Best Principal in the State of Texas).

Coach Graham (life-changing, loving, and caring coach).

Belinda Blassingame (Loving Disciplinarian (when I was little of course, I was a perfect teenager, OBVIOUSLY))

Lori Dockrey (Best Youth Minister/Mentor/Friend)

Maria Evans (Best Friend/Amazing Cook/Loving Sister)

Aayden Evans (Best Baby Brother/ Great Breakfast Pal/Strong, Loving Little Boy)

Lee Ann Limones (Best Mother that LITERALLY anyone could ever ask for)

Bubba Limones (MY Dad Forever/Great Man/Best Role Model)

Lathan Limones (Best Little Brother/Usually Silly/Most Caring Brother Around/Best Fishing Partner)

Haelyn Limones (Best Little Bean Bean/Amazing Hairstylist/Most Loving Sister ever to live)

Sure, this little town has had its ups and downs, so does any town, but no one is more thankful for where this little town has brought them than me.

I am SOO proud to be from my small town.

The best small town around.

Thank you for everything C-City.

Thanks for being the best community to grow up in.

Thanks for loving all my flaws, and shaping me to the man that I am now and will continue to grow into.

I will never forget these beautiful people named and those not named (if I named them all then this post would be 70 pages long) and wonderful town no matter where God leads me.

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