March 13, 2020

My Body… Definitely Not My Choice

I have found the youtube channel by Steven Crowder. “Steven… is a conservative Canadian-American political commentator and comedian. He hosts a YouTube show, Louder with Crowder, and is a former contributor at Fox News.” (Wiki) He goes around to different college campuses and different companies and sets up a table and chairs to get people to try to “Change My Mind.” He sits at the table that has a sign that has different controversial topics, such as pro-life, the two-gender debate, and Pro-Gun. He is trying to have a good sit down meeting with people who disagree with him. I have enjoyed watching his many different videos, and it for sure has given me more confidence in the things I believe in. He gives many different facts to his points and tries to get people from different beliefs to give their beliefs and facts. I will provide a link to his website and Youtube channel at the end of this blog.

    The particular videos I will be talking about today is about Pro-Life. First off, I am a Pro-Life supporter because I believe that no matter what the circumstances; that baby that is being killed is still a life, and in all ways murder is immoral and shouldn’t be legal. I have believed this for as long as I could possibly think about what it means to be Pro-Life.

So, I believe that the first thing that must be talked about on this topic is when each person thinks that life begins. I believe that life begins at conception, but there are many different views on this. Some views believe that it happens at viability, some at first breath, and still, others believe that it starts when they have a heartbeat. It is important to understand what each person believes about when life starts to even begin to explain anyone’s point of view.

So, to explain what I believe about when life begins, I believe it starts at conception because at the point of conception the baby has 46 chromosomes. The baby has 23 chromosomes from the mother, and 23 chromosomes from the father and these 46 chromosomes have all the genetic makeup to determine their eye color, hair color, skin color, male pattern baldness, and heartbeat. These 46 chromosomes are different than anyone else’s 46. It is a completely different DNA strand that determines a whole different human life.

People try to claim that life begins at viability, but the viability of a baby’s life can differ on geo-location. Someone who has a baby in New York City, which probably has more access to technology that could help a baby be “viable” at a younger age than say the technology in a rural town, which, on average, has less access to technology to help a baby be “viable.” So, to argue the point of viability is to argue that people who live in New York City, or an urban city, is more “viable”, than a rural city. To state that life is based on the viability outside of the womb, or in an incubator, it is to state that life in different areas are less important. It is immoral to suggest such an outrageous statement.

For people to say that the first breath determines, whether it is a life or not, it is to say that its destination matters. Whether that 9-month-old baby is inside the womb or the 9-month-inside the womb and one day outside the womb is more important because the one day they were inside and the next day they are out. To say that destination matters is to say that someone who lives in one place is more important than someone that lives in a different location. This is immoral to claim that any one person is more important than the next person.

Lastly, to say that it doesn’t start until a heartbeat is not possible either because that would say that if someone at all loses their heartbeat that they are no longer a person and we should not try to bring them back to life with a defibrillator because they are less important than people who are living. 

    As previously stated, everything about being Pro-Life or Pro-Choice is based around the fact of when life begins, but there are plenty of different arguments as to why they should still be legal, and I would like to take on a few of those myself. If anyone has a different opinion then they can email me and I would love to talk to them about why I have these beliefs. “My Body My Choice” is arguably one of the most used reasons that abortion should stay legal, but this is easily debunked if you believe this is another human being. Now for those who don’t believe that this is another human being they tend to believe that there are other explanations, such as a “parasite” and it’s simply cells of their body, which are a part of their body. First, a parasite is by definition, “An organism that lives and feeds on or in an organism of a different species and causes harm to its host.” ( So, a baby is not a different species than the mother. While the baby uses the mother’s nutrients, but the baby gives just as it takes. So, parasitism is not a proper definition of what a baby is. It is a mutualistic relationship, which is when they both benefit from one another. Parasites are not where they belong, but the baby is exactly where it belongs, it is in a place that allows it to grow without harming the mother. Of course, the mother will feel pain, morning sickness, and other things that go alongside pregnancy, but the placenta helps to evenly distribute the nutrients between the mother and baby to allow for both to stay in optimal health. People try to say that a baby is just a part of the mother because they are just extra cells growing in their womb, but that is untrue. When a baby gets to 8 weeks old and begins to have a heartbeat, that does not mean that the mother has two heartbeats or two hearts. When the baby begins to grow their arms and legs from 5-7 weeks that does not mean that the mother has 4 legs and 4 arms. The cells from a baby inside the womb are not the mother’s cells or body parts; they are a separate life, a separate human being. Therefore, it is not “My Body, My Choice” because it is not the woman’s body it is a physical baby, a living being from the point of conception. So, sadly it is the baby’s life, but it is not their choice to live or die.

I am not saying that everyone has to believe my point of view or even agree with any of it, but I wanted to present my case for my beliefs. So, maybe someone can read these points and try to further understand what they believe and why. I am Pro-Life and Pro-Choice, but not the choice of taking another life. “I am Pro-Contraception, Pro-Abstenience, Pro-Adoption, and Pro-Motherhood.” (Steven Crowder) We are simply humans and we do not have the right to take another human’s life simply because they can’t speak up for themselves. We have no right to destroy the life of an innocent baby, who deserves the right to live life just as we do. I believe that they have those same “inalienable rights”. “Inalienable rights supersede governmental laws and cultural norms. These natural rights include the right to think for oneself, the right to life, and the right to self-defense, and they remain through every human’s lifetime.” (

I just believe that every baby deserves the same right as us, who are on the outside of the womb, and if you don’t agree with me I am always open to a conversation.

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Always remember that you are not me, and I am not you.

I don’t want you to be who you are not, so always “Just Be You”!

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