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Missionary Anthem: Answering the Call

I LOVE music. I love to play. To Listen. To Worship. 

There is a song I heard recently that helps to remind me where to set my eyes and what I am called to. What we are all called to. It is called Missionary Anthem by YWAM Kona. 

Here are the lyrics. We are gonna break them down bit by bit. As this song challenges me I pray The Lord reveals His Challenge to you.

For the Lamb has conquered

I follow Him

To the ends of the Earth

I will follow Him”

The Lamb of God is Jesus. Something about this I don’t think we tend to understand/remember is that they used to have to sacrifice animals to The Lord for their sins. These were animals that we would’ve had to raise. More than that they had to be without blemish. Since Jesus is Our Lamb now, and He has conquered death we no longer have to sacrifice animals for payment of our sins. For this we should choose to follow Him. Not just a little though, but to “The Ends of The Earth.” This doesn’t mean you have to leave the country and go on a mission trip in the 10/40 window, or in a country where it is illegal, but this does mean to go to the ends of the Earth where you are. Don’t just passively live through your life. The Lord will give you His Eyes to see the people around you, whose hearts are yearning for hope in a hopeless world. 

Will You Follow Him?

“Jesus You’re worthy

Of every tribe and tongue

It’s all for Your glory

Till every soul is won”

Who is more Worthy than The One Who sacrificed His Life for us? He is Worthy of our lives, obedience, and love. He is worthy of “Every Tribe and Tongue”. He is worthy of it all. Then this song emphasizes that it is purely for His Glory not our own. Until when? Until every soul is won. We won’t stop until the whole world knows The Love of Jesus Christ. 

“The harvest is ready

We have to go

We won’t stop till the whole world knows

The power in Your blood

To save every soul

We’re not ashamed of the gospel”

Jesus said the harvest is ready. People are the harvest. They are ready for the Truth. They are ready to accept it, and follow Him until the end. We are called to GO. We won’t stop until every person knows their Savior. We can’t stop until everyone knows. The Power in His Blood is what saved EVERYONE. It saved everyone. It gave us the ability to come back into community with The Lord. We can’t be ashamed. People will be missed. People may never get to hear the opportunity again if you are too ashamed to share. You could be the only picture of Jesus people may ever see. You know this is a saving faith that was given so freely to you, so why must you keep it to yourself? 

“I will preach the gospel

Die and be forgotten

As long as You get the glory”

No you don’t have to go be a preacher in front of a church of 10,000, 100, or even 10, but you DO have to share the gospel. You have to let people know of The Love you have found. Are you prepared to die? Not necessarily physically, but to your flesh? To your wants? To your pride? To the thought of someone not liking you or thinking you’re weird because you Love the Lord? Are you prepared to die to yourself daily? Are you prepared for your name to be gone? Nothing in this world, not one thing, will last. Everything is finite, so why do we fight so hard to be remembered. The only thing that will last is The Eternal Life that Jesus offers us for following Him. Again we have to remember He is The Only One Who deserves the glory. We long for Him to get the glory. 

I pray this song is a constant reminder to you that we are all missionaries in a foreign land. I pray this song challenges you to act like you are one who was bought with the price of The Savior. I pray this song reminds you that there are billions of people, who don’t know our Lord and Savior, so there is no time to spare. Be a helping hand, Give a glass of cold water, Pray over someone’s life (Both in person, and by yourself when you speak with The Lord.) 

There are about 5.5 Billion people (that is 5,500,000,000) in the world who don’t know Jesus. Our goal as believers is to spread the Good News to everyone. 

We have opportunities here on our blog to write a prayer for every country in the world. Click this link or click on our “Prayer for the Nations” tab scroll to the region, and country you want to write your prayer for and add it in the comments. My goal is to have every country covered in prayers.

Something The Lord has challenged me to is to pray for people to have “dreams and visions” of Him. You will see this pattern a lot in my prayers for this country. To give some of my heart behind this is because in many faiths, but particularly in Islam people believe that their god speaks to them through dreams and visions. Which as Christians, we must be cautious in going up to someone and saying their god is not real because their gods are real, but they are not God. Their gods are other idols, and things that present themselves as God through the power of the devil, so that people may continue to follow them. My prayer and I hope your prayer as well is for people to see Jesus in their dreams and visions. I always think of the time of Saul to Paul when he saw Jesus saying “Why do you persecute me?” 

I pray The Lord reveals more of Himself to you, to your family, and friends. I pray for Him to meet you in your dreams and visions, so your faith may continue to grow stronger and stronger. I pray for The Lord to impart greater discernment for you to know where, and to whom He is calling you. Lastly, I pray for greater faith, so that you may know what The Lord’s Will is.

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