January 29, 2020

Introducing… The One. The Only.

My name is Bradon Upshaw, and I am a college junior at the moment. I am a very opinionated person who loves to share my thoughts with anyone that will listen. I try to live my life very open-minded. I am always open to someone trying to change my mind, with facts and truth.

Now in saying that, I stand firm in my beliefs. I am always open to conversations with people of different beliefs/backgrounds. It will become very evident what I believe and how I have grown up, through my blog posts. 

Just a little bit of my background, I have grown up in a small town in Texas and have gone to church since I was three years old.

I have lived with my “stepdad” since I was about a month old. I say stepdad in quotes because he is not my father by blood, but he is still my real dad. Furthermore, I will refer to him as “my dad.” I am the man I am today because of my dad. 

I will be real with you, and bring you along through my life adventures. I love to cook anything and everything; any shape or form I want to learn new cooking skills. I will share my recipes and cooking experiences with you.

I enjoy playing, listening, and critiquing music. I will share my favorite songs and artists.

I will talk about whatever I think about, and whatever interests me. I could speak on political topics, school, music, food, news, animals, etc. etc.

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