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Finding Love Beyond Measure: Embracing the Father-Sized Hole

To all who are missing the fatherly figure in their life; for whatever reason that may be. 

You. Are. LOVED. Whether or not you feel that love. I’m sorry that your father can’t or won’t be here for you. You need not worry that you’re unloved, you don’t NEED another person to fill that spot because there is someone who has already filled that spot from the very beginning. Before you were an adult, you were loved. Before you were a teenager, you were loved. Before you were born, you were loved. Before you were even thought of, you were loved. I’m sorry that your life might not be turning out the way you wanted it to, but you can do this. I’m sorry that you live with the pain of missing a father, or the fatherly love that others seem to have that you feel you’re missing. I just wanted you to know that you are loved. No. Not just a little. You are loved beyond what any words could ever explain. No, you aren’t useless. No, you aren’t alone. Yes, you have a reason for being alive. I know it may be hard. I know it may hurt more sometimes than others, but you aren’t forgotten. You will never be forgotten. You are STRONG. You can get through this. Your Heavenly Father loves you. Before the creation of the world, He knew your name, with all the crazy, funky spellings and ALL the mispronunciations.. He loves you, but it is no worldly love, it is a heavenly love. It is a perfect love. It is THE perfect love. You were born to feel this love. He made you so He could love you. I pray God opens your eyes to see His love that has been around you this whole time. I pray you feel whole, even when you might not understand. I pray you remember your Perfect, Holy Father that created you. I pray you seek His guidance in your life. I pray you remember He is all you need in this life, and our life to come. 

To all the fathers, who never had the best example of fatherly love, but continue to show their kids God’s love. 

You. Are. A. BLESSING. You are one of the few. You are the literal hands of God. Thank you. God gave you the strength to get through your dad’s shortcomings and find the love to share with your kids. You are made with the love of God. You are a powerful soldier. Whether you fight to work your backside off for your family, or teach your kiddos how to play sports. You are a blessing. You are an example to young men on how they are to act. You are the example to young ladies on how men are to act. Thank you for your love. Thank you for your blood, sweat, and tears. Thank you for teaching your kids how to be parents. I pray for you to always follow God, to teach your kids how to fish, to teach your kids how to play basketball, and to coach your kids through their sport and their life. I pray that you have the continued strength to fight through the hard times (teenage years, if that wasn’t clear) and to continue to show love through the worldly pain that you feel, but try to hide. I pray that through hard financial times that you look to God and take a seat. I pray you kneel to the Father and pray with/and over you kids. I pray that you never forget how influential you are to your kiddos. I thank God for your love for His children. 

To the mothers, who have to take up that role and try to be a fatherly figure to their fatherless kids. 

You. Are. BRAVE. God has given you the strength to love the way you do. Whether you are working 3 jobs, or 12-hour shifts to help your kids get the clothes needed. Whether you are babysitting every day of the week, or helping clean houses to help get your kids the food they need. You are brave. You took on the role of being a mother and kept your child, your beautiful child that God gifted you with. You are STRONG. You are BEAUTIFUL. You are LOVE. You are fighting the good fight. You may feel you are trying to keep your head above water, but your kids are seeing every bit of what you are doing for their lives. I pray you feel God right there cheering you along. I pray that, like Peter, you stop worrying about the crazy winds and storms going on in your life right now and put your eyes on Jesus Christ, and trust that He will hold you up. I pray that you never forget the HUGE blessing that you are to your kiddos. I pray God blesses you tenfold what you have done for your kids. I pray you get the strength to fight on and teach your kids right from wrong. I pray to God to help heal your heart that is hurting through suppressed pain that you try to hide from your kids. I thank God for you caring and loving your kids enough to continue to fight for them.

To the men and women of the community, who have stepped up and will continue to step up.

You. Are. ADMIRABLE. You saw the need and fulfilled it. You saw the missing mother or father and trained them to help their community. You helped hold them up and remind them what kind of impact that they could have on the earth. You helped them when no one else did. You listened well to the calling of Christ by giving to any and everyone who needs it. You saw a struggling mother and helped pick up the slack. You saw the tired-overworked dad and helped him get a slight break to heal back up. You were there when no one else might have been. You took the role and showed them love just as God. I pray for continued strength. I pray for mental stability, as helping kiddos can be a bit of a struggle. I pray for an open mind in each kiddo to see your love and support. I pray for strength to be from God.

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