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Are You Prepared to Die?

This is a blog I posted while I was in the country of Romania. It was in the midst of the Taliban taking over. I had this written on one of my previous blogs, but I wanted to move it over because I pray that it can touch, challenge, and help new believers, old believers, and unbelievers alike.

As the Taliban has begun taking over Afghanistan it is easy to ask why God doesn’t protect His church in the country. Why does God not protect the underground church in Afghanistan. The answer has already been given. This is a faith we must be willing to die for. Our lives were bought with a cost. A cost of death on a cross. Just as Shadrack, Meshach, and Abednego were willing to die for their faith rather than give up their faith. These men and women who risk their lives because they want these people in Afghanistan to hear the Gospel. They want to share the Good News to these people. They understand and know where they are going if they perish. The people of this country have no hope. 

They are bound for hell. 

What does that mean to you? 

Does that hurt? 

Does it make you realize how serious this gift is that we have? 

It is not something we can keep to ourselves. This is something that should make you cry. That should make you strive to give everything to share the Gospel. We have this gift. 

But we are scared. 

We are worried about what they will think. 

For what? 

To what cost? 

The cost of their LIVES? 

Is that how self conceited we are? 

We are so worried about our self images that we are willing to let them burn in hell for eternity? 

Jesus said multiple times in Mark 8:34, Luke 9:57-62, and Luke 14:25-27 exactly what it will cost. It will cost your relationships with mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, wife, children, a “safe place to lay your head”, your wants, your desires, your comforts, your pride, your happiness. Following Jesus will cost us everything. This Gospel is a Gift. It is a Treasure. Something we were given so freely. Something that cost A Man’s Life. The Man’s Life. The Perfect Man’s Life. He was willing to die for us. While most of us are worried about our social status. 

We are called to die every day. Not the last day we are on this earth. Not once every ten years when someone asks about our faith. NO! Now. Today. Tomorrow. 2 weeks from now. 2 years from now. Till our last breath. And every day in-between. You must take up your cross. You must pick it up despite being laughed at. Despite being ridiculed. Despite losing family. Despite losing friends. Despite your pride. Despite your comfort. Despite your happiness. You must carry your cross every second. Every minute. Every hour. Every day. Until your last breath. 

I know you may not be called to go to Afghanistan, 10/40 window, or even another country, but you have been called. You have been called to die daily. To carry your cross. To fight to the death to share the Gospel. This world is dark, hurt, and evil. But you. Yes, you have light. You have love. You have goodness. All these things that God gave so freely. And people still don’t know. So, take up your cross. Lay down your pride. Lay down yourself. And shine The Light of The Son, Who died for you. Until death. We are in this till we die.

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